In their usual fashion when an update is imminent, Supercell have started posting ‘sneak peeks’ on their Clash Of Clans Facebook page and twitter page.

The updates announced so far are:

  • Lvl 5 Dragons
  • New Leagues (Titan I, II, & III and Legend League)
  • A 2nd Air Sweeper at TH9+
  • New UI for training troops/spells.

The 2nd Air Sweeper could be a major game changer for a lot of players whose main attack is the popular Balloonian raids. Back to back sweepers with a couple of air mines and a air defence in between them would surely be a worthy defence and something to look out for when the update takes place.

Lvl 5 Dragons - Clash of Clans

Lvl 5 dragons won’t really mean anything for low to mid level players and will really only help those TH10’s in the high leagues.

New Leagues - Clash of Clans

New Leagues – given that their are so many new high end leagues, I think we may even see a new Town Hall appear (TH11). It would certainly make sense for those who have maxed out their bases and sit at the top with no chance to progress.

The UI improvement can be seen a video from Chief Pat and it looks great. If like me, you swipe from page to page quickly whilst training troops and occasionally have to cycle through everything to find the barracks or spell factory you want, this will make things a lot easier.

There’s also one thing I noticed about the UI that Chief Pat demonstrates that is not mentioned… there’s two tabs for spells. Is it possible we are going to see a second spell factory or perhaps the oh so needed (and requested) spell queue feature that would allow you to queue up more spells when your factory is full (as you can with barracks).


Who knows, but one thing is clear, this update is looking a lot meatier than the last and hopefully going to make this great game even better.